Do’s & Dont’s

Consumer complaints about “losing credit card deposit” ranked No. 4 on the Federal Trade Commission’s Top 10 complaint list. The top complaint was identity theft, followed by debt-collection complaints. Complaints about banks and lenders ranked No. 3.


  • Always use a company that is A rated with the BBB, no reputable company will ever require a deposit or money in advance
  • Check out the company’s reputation and customer reviews
  • Make sure the company does not require a deposit or credit card number


  • Give your credit Card number
  • Give a deposit, even if they say that there is a truck nearby
  • Wait until the last minute to try to ship your car.
  • Forget to obtain a copy of any and all transactions, receipts and/or contracts that you sign off on.

Choosing an Auto Shipping Company You Can Trust

Choosing a car transport company that you trust only comes after you’ve explored your options and checked out their reputation and customer reviews. Some companies will even tell you that they have a truck and they need a deposit to “lock in the driver”. Don’t fall for this, it is very likely that there is no driver or the driver “cancels” and now they have your money and it will not be easy to get it back. Bottom line, check out the company’s reputation and don’t pay anything until your vehicle is delivered.

4 Tips to Help You Select an Auto Shipping Company

  1. Remember, the lowest price is NOT the best price. Some companies use this tactic to get your credit card, then you are locked in and there is no refund. AVOID LOW BALL PRICES!
  2. Pay attention to customer testimonials and always check them out with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Read negative reviews of what other people are saying, because many companies either write or pay for their own positive reviews.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, call up the auto transport company that you are interested in doing business with to see whether or not everything checks out. Don’t be shy to ask questions.

At 1 Flat Rate, our highly qualified customer service representatives are well versed in all areas of our auto shipping services. These professionals can assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have about the transport process.