Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the auto shipping process work?
  • Transport companies gather information from a customer looking to ship their car. That information is then posted on the national load board which is a network that is used by more than 5,000 carriers with over 30,000 trucks. The carriers then offer whether or not to take the job at the price posted. If the price posted is too low, then the carriers are less likely to pick it up quickly or at all. After screening each one we select the most qualified carrier and verify their license and insurance. The selected carrier is then assigned and dispatched to make the pick up.

    It is important to remember that the price you ship your vehicle at can be adjusted to fit your situation. If you would rather save money, and time is not an issue, then a low price can be posted. If you are looking to move a car quickly, then a higher price is required to entice a carrier to pick it up before other vehicles. 1 Flat Rate will advise you on the price that best fits your circumstances.

  • Why do other companies ask me for a deposit before my car is picked up?
  • A lot of companies only look out for their own interests and not those of the customer. Often they will get the customer to go with them for a low ball price, even though they know that no carrier will pick it up for such low money. After some time passes they will make the customer pay more for the move. The contracts most of these companies have small print so that your deposit is non-refundable.
  • Will I get faster service if I place my order with more than one transport company?
  • No! If you want to actually get your car moved it is very important that you do not do this. If a driver sees the same job posted on the national load board by different companies, they will not pick up the vehicle because they run the risk of another truck making the pick up first. No driver is going to run the risk of having a truck drive hundreds of miles to pick up a vehicle that might not even be there.
  • Is my vehicle insured during the transportation process?
  • Yes. The Federal Department of Transportation requires that every carrier have cargo insurance. The driver will conduct a pre-load and post-load inspection with the customer. The carrier is responsible for any damage that occurs during the transportation of the vehicle.
  • Why did I receive quotes from brokers that are $200 or more apart?
  • Different transport companies quote different prices for the same job because they are using different assumptions. Some are assuming that you are trying to save money and do not care how quickly your vehicle gets moved and then quotes you a low price (or they are trying to lowball you with the hopes of locking you in with the deposit and then upping the price later). Other companies are assuming that you want the vehicle moved as quickly as possible and therefore add a premium to the price to ensure a fast pickup by a carrier. And others just quote you in the middle range. For an accurate quote whoever you choose must first know your situation and what is most important to you: the customer. Give 1 Flat Rate a call and tell us about your circumstances and we will give you an accurate quote.
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule my shipment?
  • It is recommended that you schedule your pick up at least one week prior to your ideal pick up date. During the summer months it is recommended that you schedule about two weeks prior. However, arrangements can be made to pick up your vehicle much sooner depending on your situation and needs.
  • Where will I drop-off and pick-up my car?
  • The driver will come to your home to pick up your car unless it is too difficult to maneuver such a large truck in your neighborhood. In that instance the driver will ask you to move the car to a nearby parking lot to make the pickup. The same applies for the drop off.
  • Do I need to be there for the pick up and for accepting delivery?
  • You or a designated agent being present at both pick up and delivery is in your best interest in order to verify documentation and for conducting the pre-load and post-load inspections of the condition of your vehicle.
  • How do I check on the progress of my auto transport?
  • 1 Flat Rate has specially designated personnel to track the progress or your vehicle and keep you informed.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
  • Once the vehicle has been delivered the driver is to be paid (COD) by cash, cashier’s check, or money order. It is important to discuss with the driver which payment method options they accept before they arrive to drop off the vehicle. If you want to pay by credit, it must be organized in advance so we can make the proper arrangements with the driver. Most carriers do not have the ability to accept payment by debit/credit cards on their truck.
  • Does my car have to be in working condition?
  • No. It can be shipped whether it is working or not, just make sure that 1 Flat Rate knows that it is not in working condition beforehand so special arrangements can be made.
  • How long does car transport take?
  • Exact delivery dates cannot be guaranteed due to circumstances like weather, road conditions, and problems on particular routes. However, typical delivery times once the car has been picked up are as follows: North to South 3-5 days Midwest to either coast 4-6 days Coast to Coast 7-10 days